Best 5 Hotel Jobs In Canada With Free Visa Sponsorship


In recent years, hotel jobs in Canada have grown significantly, providing exceptional career options and a starting salary of 117,000 CAD per year for new workers.

Some of the world’s most fantastic hotel management schools, offering excellent instruction and experience, are located in Canada. Furthermore, many investors are drawn to Canada because of its strong economic growth and want to capitalize on its market potential.

With the government’s commitment to create over 10,000 Hotel Jobs In Canada by 2024 through the January-launched Canada Hotel Jobs project, Canada has become a hub for job prospects. Furthermore, the tourism industry’s overall spending in Canada has surpassed 100 billion Canadian dollars, significantly boosting the hotel sector.


The need for hospitality workers has continuously risen as the nation’s visitor population keeps growing. As a result, Hotel Jobs In Canada can make up to 58,000 CAD annually. Without question, those thinking about a career in this sector have a lot of potential and bright futures in Canada’s hotel industry.

Top 5 List of Hotel Jobs in Canada With Visa Sponsorship

This list of hotel jobs in Canada for foreign candidates is an excellent place to start if you have been looking for free visas and lodging employment in Canada. Although the hospitality sector in Canada offers hundreds of career opportunities, we have listed the top 5 and provided an application link at the end of the article.

Event Manager

In Canada, an event manager is essential to the planning, organizing, and running of many different events, including festivals, trade exhibitions, corporate meetings, weddings, and conferences. Their primary duty is to ensure that events go off without a hitch, accomplish the goals set forth by the client, and give participants an enjoyable experience.

Lodging Manager Job

In Canada, lodging managers manage the operations of accommodation facilities, including hotels, motels, resorts, and bed and breakfasts. Their main objective is to ensure that the facility runs smoothly and effectively so that visitors have a pleasant stay.

Café Manager

Overseeing the day-to-day activities of a café, a café manager in Canada ensures that patrons are greeted with efficiency and friendliness. Managing employees, allocating shifts, placing supply orders, keeping track of inventories, and preserving hygienic and quality standards are all part of their duties. Café managers may also work together on marketing campaigns, developing menus, and enhancing customer service while ensuring customers have a pleasant experience.

Lead Chef

In Canada, the head chef is the person in charge of overseeing all kitchen operations in dining places such as hotels, restaurants, or catering businesses. They are responsible for developing recipes, organizing menus, and ensuring that food is prepared consistently and of high quality.

They oversee the hiring, training, and scheduling of kitchen workers and uphold safety and hygienic regulations. In addition to managing budgets, procuring supplies, and taking an inventive approach to culinary products, head chefs also handle inventory. Their goal is to provide outstanding dining experiences while ensuring that the kitchen runs smoothly and that health and safety laws are followed.

Food and Beverage Director

In Canada, a food and beverage director is crucial in the hospitality sector. They manage every facet of food and beverage operations in a hotel, restaurant, or catering business. In addition to developing and planning menus, they oversee budgets, guarantee premium food and beverage selections, and maximize profits through strategic pricing.

They also supervise and educate employees, uphold health and safety laws, and collaborate with other departments to fulfill budgetary goals while providing outstanding dining experiences.


Hotel jobs in Canada have significantly expanded in the upcoming years due to the growing number of travelers keen to experience the country’s magnificent natural scenery, delectable food, and rich cultural heritage. Canadian universities may be the best option if you are looking for a lucrative international career in management or hospitality.